Google Chrome update includes built-in Flash

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Chrome users will now notice that they should get an update, and it’s a very very big update. Google, along with Adobe, have finally pushed out the in-built Adobe Flash Player in the browser – effectively meaning that you can go straight onto YouTube and play a video without downloading the Google Chrome specific plugin for Adobe Flash, as it will now be in the browser.

Updates to Flash will also be updated in Chrome, utilising Chrome’s behind-the-scenes upgrading technology, minimising any risk of security holes of unpatched or outdated software as Chrome will be using the latest version of Flash.

This follows on from Google becoming the first adopters of Flash 10.1 for Mobile – which finally brings the full experience of Flash to mobile devices after receiving a sub-standard version to run on mobile devices – that will be rolled out on Android 2.2.

Flash has been a hot-topic for developers during the past year or so, as Flash is browser-agnostic and allows the web to be more richer, with online games and videos using the Flash platform. However, Flash is a known crasher of many browsers. While Mozilla and Internet Explorer remain in the sidelines, Apple has been the most vocal opponent, stating that it prefers HTML5 as the standard for rich content and rejecting Flash on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Only problem. HTML5, while technically browser-agnostic, is up to the browser to adopt all of the recommendations. It took Microsoft until Internet Explorer 8 to adopt most of CSS2, the latest recommendation, and should support all of the recommendations in the next version.

With the recent support from Google, it looks like Google have aligned themselves to Adobe.