Rumour: Nintendo 3DS to have software install?

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RUMOUR MILL: Other than the 3D gaming experience without wearing those hideous (and possibly unhygienic) glasses, there might be another feature that was not revealed when Nintendo showed off the 3DS. According to Nikkei, the new console may allow users to install Nintendo 3DS games right onto the onboard storage – allowing users not to carry those games with them on the go.

According to the Japanese equivalent to the Wall Street Journal – via Andriasang – the 3DS will be able to store multiple games and can switch between the two by selecting a title from the main menu, and that you will not need to swap cartridges.

A similar aspect is found within the R4 – though it deals with pirated versions of the game, but you can load multiple games onto one SD card and select it via an interface. However, this one most likely would see a dent into piracy as more and more would be able to ask their friend for the game, install it on their memory, and return it.

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