Sony Walkman goes sport-focused with new players

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Breaking away from the classic iPods, Sony’s Walkman brand still has some place to grow – and that is in MP3 players designed for sport, with the announcement of the B Series and W Series line of MP3 players. The B Series features a new metallic design and offers an intuitive UI with its LED screen. It also includes ZAPPIN, Sony’s own take on Apple VoiceOver, except that it plays a four or 15 second snippet of each track until you find that song. The B Series also includes FM radio playback, alongside with playing MP3 files.

The W Series features, however, is designed to be an MP3 player for runners, with an unique design that has eliminated the need for headphones, but it becomes the headphones as it breaks into two and can be wrapped around your head. It is also not only water-resistant, meaning that you can listen to your tracks while in the rain, but also water washable (which I’m guessing is a first), meaning that a simple wash will clean the sweat after that workout. Sony, however, does advise that you should NOT use a brush, soap, sponge or detergent – just wash it under a running tap with not a lot of water. It has no screen to show you what you’re listening or allow you to select a song, but it does include the ZAPPIN feature.

The W Series comes out in white, black, pink and lime green – all having 2GB of storage and priced at $99. The B Series, however, has 4GB of storage and comes $10 cheaper at $89. It comes in black, pink, red and blue. Both are available now.