E3 2010: Yet another game for the Wii series

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It looks like that Wii Music was not the last of these games.  The new game is called Wii Party.  Wii Party will include 14 party games and above 70 minigames (sounds like it going to compete with the Mario Party series).  Like all Wii games, this game will be family based, so it would be G rated.

In some the party games, players have to interact with each other to obtain the results the players want to get. (sounds like Mario Party’s 2 vs. 2  and 1 vs. 3 games)  Some multiplayer minigames include finding the Wii Remote that is emitting the animal sound from the animal that appears on the television, and playing Hide and Seek with the Wii Remotes.

Miis makes an appearance in the game (Duh…) and are the avatar of the player during minigames.  Each party is either co-op, such as Balance Boat; while others are competitive, such as Board Game Island.

In the competitive party game, Board Game Island, players have to compete with each other in over the 70 minigames included into the game, such as shooting balloons carrying gifts while the Miis ride a rollercoaster (again, balloon are used because of the G rating), and players have to navigate their Mii in a virtual game of Tag.

Wii Party will be release on the Wii (Duh…) and will be release this year in the Fall.

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