E3 2010: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

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The pink balloon is back, well… sort of….  Kirby is back in action but not as a pink balloon that we come to know, but as a piece of yarn.  Regardless on how Kirby looks now, Kirby still retains its ability to change shape.

The layout the game is just like the other Kirby games before it, as a platformer game.  However, the background uses the appearance of different types of fabrics to complement Kirby’s yawn appearance.  As the game’s background is based on fabrics, stray threads will appear.  This threads allow Kirby access behind the background and will bend and warp the background to show Kirby’s location.

Throughout the game, varies gems and collectibles will appear.  So far, Nintendo has not released information about the collectibles and their purpose.

Kirby’s transformation will be have new members.  Since Kirby is a piece of yarn, Kirby is able to transform into vehicles.  When Kirby dashes, Kirby transforms into a car and in water, a submarine.  Sometimes Kirby is able to transform to into a tank and into a UFO.

The game will include a mulitplayer mode, but it is limited to two players.  Regardless on which friend you want to play with, both players with be able to complete the entire game together.

Kirby’ s Epic Yarn is will be released on the Wii, during the Fall this year.

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