E3 2010: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

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Square Enix has once again released information about another Kingdom Hearts game, Birth by Sleep.  Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is planned to be released on September 7th in America, on the PSP.

Birth by Sleep is the prologue of the game series, roughly ten years before the start of the first game.  As the main protagonist of the game series, Sora is too young, the game has implemented new protagonists.  These protagonists are named Aqua, Terra, and Ventus (It looks like Square Enix enjoys Latin – see Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

The plot of the game is that all three protagonists are looking for another Keyblade Master called Xehanort, and have to venture to worlds location him, while fighting against a new enemy called the Unversed.

Anyway, this game will explore never before seen Disney based worlds, such as Drawf Woodlands, Deep Space, and Castle of Dreams; as well as newly created worlds that are non-Disney based, such as Land of Departure.  As will new worlds, old characters will be making an appearance, such as Mickey Mouse, Stitch, and Snow White; while new characters will also make an appearance, such as the Seven Drawfs, Experiment 626 (Sparky), and the Magic Mirror.  For those who are sadden by the fact the Sora will not be the protagonist will not be disappointed, as Sora, and both Riku and Kairi will be making a somewhat brief cameo.

As the game has three protagonists, the game has offered three different scenarios, but all three are intertwine to each other.  Each protagonist have different strengths combat wise.  Aqua is gifted towards the used of magic, Ventus for speed, and Terra for strength.

The game promises at least 15 minutes per scenario, which seems short, but will three scenarios, the game will offer at least 45 minutes of gameplay, excluding multiplayer, which makes the game the longest game in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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