E3 2010: Fable 3 – out on Oct. 26 [Gallery]

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E3 2010: I know one of my friends will be excited over Fable 3, which now has been given a release date. Developer Lionhead Studios has announced that the next part of the Fable series will come out on October 26. However, we do not know if this will be an international date or limited to North America – most likely the latter. It will come in two editions: a standard one that goes for US$59.99 and a limited edition one for US$79.99.

Limited Edition will feature exclusive content – including downloadable content and a new quest, a unique outfit, playing cards and a guild coin. Not only will the game be an Xbox 360 exclusive, but a Microsoft exclusive as it will also launch a PC version for US$49.99. Gallery is below.