Foxconn reported to shut down Chinese factories

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After numerous reports of suicides and after trying to attempt to stop it, Foxconn – the Taiwan-based manufacturer for Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Sony and other technology companies – will be shutting down its operations that could axe 800,000 workers from their positions

According to the Register, quoting a story on ON.CC (in Chinese, translation by Google here), this announcement comes as Foxconn announced a restructuring within the company at its shareholders meeting of its parent company, Hon Hai Group. The workload will be shifted to Taiwan, Vietnam and India.

However, the impact of this restructure will not be known – if it happens. Apple has reportedly ordered 24 million of the latest iPhones from Foxconn, and with the move to different factories could see a delay to countries outside of the June 24 release date.

Foxconn’s attempts include pay raises to its workers – including a 66 percent performance-based increase that goes into effect in October – and ending death benefits, giving them less of an incentive to kill themselves.