New IE8 ad shows customers giving Microsoft personal details

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Boxers or briefs. No seriously.

Microsoft’s new advertising campaign for its browser, Internet Explorer 8, has appeared on US television with a simple concept – how many people can it dupe into giving private information. This, apparently, was to highlight how vulnerable your personal information is and to focus on the security aspects of the latest version of IE. (Well, the latter might be a bit questionable, as the study showing this was funded by Microsoft).

“To prove just how vulnerable your personal information is, Internet Explorer 8 re-recreated notorious internet scams–live, off the web– in the most street-smart city in world: New York. We used hidden cameras to film reactions of real people. In the first spot we asked people to provide very personal information in order to open a new bank account which would give them a cash reward of $500,” Microsoft blogger Brandon LeBlanc said.

However, will scaring users to Internet Explorer be enough to stop their downward spiral? Will it be another Microsoft advertising failure? Keep your eyes peeled on your TV set (if you are in the USA) for more of these types of ads coming in the next few weeks from Microsoft.

You can watch the ad for yourself, after the jump.

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