Google’s new indexing technology goes live

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Google has finally released into the wild its upgrade to its web indexing technology – Caffeine – today, allowing users to search relevant content (i.e. news story, blog posts) to a specific query much faster than before, rather than a list that is periodically updated as it would index the entire web before updating the index.

“Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index, and it’s the largest collection of web content we’ve offered,” Google said in a blog posting announcing the upgrade.

“With Caffeine, we analyze the web in small portions and update our search index on a continuous basis, globally. As we find new pages, or new information on existing pages, we can add these straight to the index. That means you can find fresher information than ever beforeā€”no matter when or where it was published.”

“We’ve built Caffeine with the future in mind. Not only is it fresher, it’s a robust foundation that makes it possible for us to build an even faster and comprehensive search engine that scales with the growth of information online, and delivers even more relevant search results to you. So stay tuned, and look for more improvements in the months to come.”

Expect a difference on any search results with Google over the next several weeks – as it is unclear if Google just switched it on or will be gradually rolled out to its users within the next few weeks. In any case, drop a comment and tell us.