WWDC: iPhone OS renamed iOS, iAds comes out on July 1

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In his keynote at this year’s WWDC, Steve Jobs has brought out some new changes and more information about its iAds platform it talked about earlier in the year, alongside its iPhone 4 announcement.

iPhone OS is no longer called iPhone OS. Apple has rebranded it as iOS, with the newest OS version dubbed “iOS4”. This comes as the operating system used for iPhones, and later iPod touches, expands on iPads – keeping a consistent name of an OS for the three devices. The name “iOS”, however, is a trademark licensed to Cisco – you know, the same people that owned “iPhone” before striking a deal with Apple – but it looks like they came prepared, as CNET News reported that Cisco has licensed them the trademark for their OS name only.

Also added was the option to use Bing as their default search engine. While Google remains the default default search engine, this is very good news for Microsoft Bing – which has been gaining market share after their successful advertising strategy. It has been coded in HTML5, which means Steve Jobs is a happy guy, especially when he wants it as a standard.

Apple is set to be Google’s next competitor in the mobile advertising market, with the company announcing it will open its iAds platform on July 1 with clients ranging from Disney, GE, Best Buy, Nissan and Unilever. Because of advertising commitments for 2010, it will have revenue totalling up to US$60 million in the second half of 2010, representing 50 percent of the total forecasted US mobile ad spending in the second half according to JP Morgan.

iAds is Apple latest venture, and tries to merge television advertising emotional appeal with the interactivity of web advertising. Developers will get a cut of the revenue made by these ads that have been placed on their applications, similar to how Google AdSense works. However, it is unknown if the iPhone maker will still allow third-party ad vendors to show their ad inventory, including Google.

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