WWDC: iPhone 4 officially confirmed, goes out on June 24

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Apple has made official what we have seen in leaks before – the iPhone 4 is real. Billed as the “thinnest smartphone ever”, it features several improvements to the iPhone predecessors – the 3G (which is getting axed) and the 3GS – including a five megapixel camera with LED flash and HD video recording, and an improvement in battery life.

The phone features a brand new design made with steel and glass than plastic – and is said to be five times stronger than standard steel – with larger 3.5-inch screen and has a screen resolution of 960 x 640 pixels – 78 percent of the pixels of an iPad. The screen is also able to cram 326 pixels per inch – dense that an human eye can’t tell the difference when text is held at a normal distance or far way. It has been billed by Steve Jobs as making text more realistic than ever – helpful when iBooks is coming on the iPhone.

iPhone 4 will feature six-axis motion sensing using a combination of its GPS, accelerometer and new 3-axis gyro means that games can now be played on every possible axis – whether it is up or down, side to side or forwards and backwards.

One of the biggest news is that it will feature a 5 megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom and HD recording for video – to be precise, it is 720p with 30fps. Similar to iWorks for the iPad, iMovie is coming to the iPhone to utilise the new HD capabilities. It is out now with a price tag of $4.99. While it may not be 8 megapixels, the standard now, it means that it will take pictures in low light environments better. It will also have a front-facing camera.

Another brand new capability is “FaceTime” – its name for video calling on the iPhone. It will initially be on the Wi-Fi network, but Apple has said that it will be talking to the mobile operators who sell the iPhone to offer this service over a 3G connection.

The phone will have 7 hours of talk time (on 3G) and 6 hours on internet browsing on 3G on one battery cycle. Audio playback battery life is improved to 4o hours, up by 10 hours, and Wi-Fi internet browsing is 10 hours. Standby time is 300 hours – similar to what the iPhone 3GS has currently. It will run on iPhone OS 4, or now called iOS4.

It will come in two versions – black and white – in two capacities, 16GB for US$199 and 32GB for US$299. It will be out on June 24 in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan; while Australia, New Zealand and another 16 countries – including Scandinavia, Spain, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Ireland – will have to wait for July. By the end of September, 88 countries would have the iPhone 4.

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