Nokia brings out bike-powered phone recharger

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We’ve seen pedal power to recharge your iPod, but now your phone? Nokia has announced that it will sell an additional accessory that will use your wheel movement to power a dynamo (a small electrical generator) through the standard Nokia 2mm charging jack – though, you could also get an adaptor and just use it to power other electronics. It also comes with two small brackets, plus the generator and charge. One is to hold your phone and secure the charger on  the handlebars, while the other is to secure the generator to the fork of the bicycle.

Nokia believes that you can reach the same power as a normal charger by reaching a speed of 12km/h, which means that if your phone doesn’t reach full capacity in two hours, then you’ll most likely push 24km – which is a long distance. Though, with the ‘fat epidemic’ in Australia, I think this could push people outside just for some free electricity to power your phone.

Plus, it’s cheap. It only costs €15, or around $21 AUD, for the accessory. It will be available online and by retailers at the end of the year. That price just for free electricity?