Sony invests more in 3D … in music videos?

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First movies, then sporting events and now music videos? Sony has shown their commitment in pushing 3D to our eyes, despite the numerous risks outlined by some medical professionals, by creating 3D music video and premiering it in Australia.

The first video honours have been given to the Rouge Traders with their new single, and theme anthem for the Socceroos, Hearts Beat as One – which most likely ties with the 3D plans of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa this year with the help of Sony. The 3D matches will also be played in Australia by SBS.

It’s not the only event that will be broadcasting in 3D, with Nine set to trial the 3D technology with the State of Origin. The trials will be on Channel 40 and will feature both Nine and SBS’s 3D trials. However, SBS will be broadcasting it for Sydney, Adelaide and Perth; while Nine will broadcast it for Melbourne and Brisbane. Nine’s regional affiliates, NBN and WIN will broadcast it for Newcastle and Wollongong respectively.

The video premieres in June, again most likely because of the FIFA World Cup.