Android-iPhone hack ready for download

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Remember that hack we reported on that had Android running on an iPhone? Well, now than just a YouTube video, with David Wang (or “planetbeing”) teaming up with PC World to write a guide on how to install Android on the Apple machine, and releasing the binaries of the files for the rest of us to try it out.

It currently works for any first-generation iPhone or iPhone 3G and must be jail-broken. You also should be running any firmware versions between 2.0 and 3.1.2 and should do this on a 32-bit Linux computer or virtual machine installation of Linux, but other than those requirements, you are ready to go.

There’s a few downsides – like the ‘proper method’ of shutting down in Android mode and it would last for two hours. But with subsequent releases, it should be fixed. However, you most likely will not get some of the features on Android because of the lack of keys.

However, if you have a spare iPhone somewhere in your house or really really want to try this on your iPhone (we suggest you don’t, unless you are able to restore it), then download the binaries (first-gen iPhone can be found here), follow the guide, and enjoy your new iPhone Android.