iPhone 4G prototype leaked again … in Vietnam

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Apple must really have some security problems as another prototype of the iPhone 4th Generation has been found and photos being posted on a Vietnamese Apple forum. The individual in question is apparently, according to MacRumours, a Vietnamese businessman who bought the prototype in the US with the iPad.

The model in the photos posted by Taoviet.vn are almost identical to what Gizmodo posted before, with the back indicating it is a 16GB not an XXGB model, and as seen from the Gizmodo leak, it will feature a front-facing camera, rear camera with flash and a microSIM slot. What’s different is that it is a functional device (because it’s running some graphics output) and the screws found on the device are no longer present. Also noted by Engadget is that the processor might be the A4 microprocessor created by Apple-owned PA Semi for the iPad, as pictured by the teardown.

We should also say that Apple has not confirmed or deny these pictures contain the iPhone 4G prototype, but they are most likely are because they look so similar to what Gizmodo posted. Images of the device can be found below, and find the rest of the images on Taoviet.vn.

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