Budget 2010: More info on filter as cybersafety funding reallocated

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BUDGET 2010: The Australian Government has given more information about the new filter as it plans to reallocate the $40.8 million given to cyber-safety initiatives and provide ongoing funding of $3 million a year to enhance a range of initiatives to protect children from inappropriate materials.

The Government has also announced that it will introduce amendments to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 and will force ISPs to filter Refused Classification (RC) material overseas on a list maintained by ACMA. It also has confirmed that the material referred to ACMA that is not blacklisted will go to the Classification Board to classify the material.

It will offer a grants program to encourage – or in other words, bribe – ISPs to offer wider forms of filtering to customers on a commercial basis, with ACMA getting another few million to enhance cyber-safety education (which, surprising there is none to my knowledge), awareness raising and counselling services.

In other Budget news, the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy will axe the ABC and SBS Digital Interference Scheme a year early because of limited demand, and reduce funding of the Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme because of reduce demand – both providing savings of $1.5 million (for the latter, it is over three years).

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