iPhone leak saga continues: Gizmodo blogger house raided by police

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NEWS IN BRIEF: Turns out, acquiring stolen property (though Gizmodo says it was ‘found’ in a bar) is a crime after all. Wow (note the sarcasm). Anyway, Gizmodo – the same people who broke the news that they found a working prototype – broke the news that one of its editor’s houses was raided by the California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team after a warrant was issued when he wasn’t at home, and managed to take four computers and two servers.

The legality of Gizmodo’s actions in acquiring the phone for the scoop is questionable, since it is handling with stolen property – and it did note that it paid $5000 for the device. However, in a filing to the Dectective’s board, Gawker COO Gary Darbyshire said that “no warrant shall issue for any items described in Section 1070 of the Evidence Code”, and that the journalist’s right to protect sources also extended to bloggers (which, I might add, is a legal defence in the US).