iPhone hack makes running Android a reality

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I bet you, as readers on techgeek.com.au, that you wish that you want to experience the magic of Android – a phone where you can run almost any application that you want, especially those “porn apps” that the CEO of Apple said that you aren’t going to get on the iPhone (unless you use Safari, almost any restriction is bypassed with Safari).

Well, now you can – without ever leaving the stylistic designs of the iPhone – with David Wang’s (or “planetbeing” on the Dev Team) hack that he announced on his blog that will let you run the rival OS on the device. It’s also simple to switch over, just reset and hold the home button when you see a dual-boot menu and then you’re done.

Not everything works, especially when the iPhone OS is built around one button (the home button), when Android uses many more, an drivers for Android phones do not exist for iPhone technology – and it’s very, very slow (granted, it is a debug version).

You can watch the video after the jump.