Ping makes clothing the new Foursquare for your friends/stalkers

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Never thought we would cover clothing, but we are now – for this article.

This is the Ping – and it’s apparently a “social networking garment”, and it does what it is supposed to do, let you stay connected to Facebook friends or Twitter stalkers by updating them… with every move you make like lifting up your hood, zipping up the garment or even moving around and bending your arms. No, we are not kidding. What’s even more interesting is that you can also customise the settings and assign different messages based on where you are located, who are you replying or even your mood.

But how will you know if they are talking to you? You will get tapped in the shoulder. By the device of course. It will just give you a small electric shock on your shoulder, notifying you of a comment or a message back. Because we all need is that ex-boyfriend or girlfriend constantly ‘tapping’ you on that shoulder.

What’s inside that allows this to all work – but really, do we really need to be updated on what our friends/stalkers are saying – by using the Lilypad concept platform and a variety of sensors with conductive threads, allowing to be flexible, sewable and washable. It also runs on custom software written for the Lylipad Xbee.

Anyway, thankfully, it is still a concept, but that doesn’t mean that it will be coming soon. Images of the garment can be found below. You can also read more on its official site.