Leaked prototype of new iPhone… found in a bar

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RUMOUR MILL: Is this the next iPhone? You know how we love rumours of the device that seems to have a God-complex to it. Gizmodo today has posted a couple of photos of a prototype that they found in a bar (someone from Apple must be s**ting themselves).

What’s new in the device is a new front-facing camera with the camera found in the back, an improved display, using micro SIM and the buttons are apparently metallic. Other than that, it is still the same old and thin iPhone, except for the back – which is now flat – has a bigger battery and is a bit heavier.

But will this be the new iPhone – the new one that carries the new iPhone OS 4? (remember, 3GS herald iPhone OS 3, and 3G had iPhone OS 2) If this has Adobe Flash support – then I’m switching.