New footage of Pokemon Black and White released

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Yes, despite what you may think about these creatures – weird may be one of them – the Pokemon Franchise is set to come out with another edition, and you would have thought that they could have waited about a year or so after the new HeartGold and SoulSilver, but Nintendo likes to milk this puppy. Anyway, in Japan, there is a show called Pokemon Sunday and they have shown some new images of the new game.

If you have been living in a rock for the past month or so, Nintendo has decided to call this Black and White – shifting from colours, to gemstones and now to shades? Anyway, despite the constant rumours that the game will launch in the new Nintendo 3DS, Japan will be seeing the game in the fall on the DS – despite the 3D graphics, which I have to say, is an improvement – but not that much.

To watch the video – with the fake enthusiasm from the adult presenters, and one that has a Hitler moustache – after the jump, in all of its Japanese glory.