Stuck in the moment: Apple’s love for 9:42 and 9:41

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If you have ever drooled, bedazzled, imagined, fantasised or dreamed of the iPhone or iPad before it was released, you may of noticed that at Apple’s keynotes and on their website 9:41am or 9:42am keep appearing. Why is this so? Avid iPhone user and App Store Developer Jon Manning, Lead Developer of Secret Labs, put on his cap and began to follow the trail.

After serveral months of digging after the iPhone was released, the trail went cold until. That was case until fate waved its magic wand and guided Jon towards the Palo Alto Apple Store. While visiting there, Scott Forstall – Senior Vice President of iPhone Software , emerged, observing the store. Rather then be scared of by this powerful individual, Jon politely walked over and asked him directly. The surprise laid in the fact he got the answer. Scott turned, chuckled, and said that the images of the new products basically show the time they are unveiled at the big keynote. Since the keynotes begin at 9am sharp, “We design the keynotes so that the big reveal of the product happens around 40 minutes into the presentation. But we know we won’t hit 40 minutes exactly.”

“So you add a couple of minutes,” Jon said.

“Yeah! And for the iPhone, we made it 42 minutes. It turned out we were pretty accurate with that estimate, so for the iPad, we made it 41 minutes. And there you are – the secret of the magic time.” Scott replied.

So there you go. Another Apple Inc mystery solved. Maybe it’s time you planned your big product unveilings with the current time in mind…