Automattic releases WordPress 3.0 Beta

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Five years ago, WordPress announced the launch version 2.0 – which saw WYSIWYG editing and numerous features that are still present today. Over the years, we saw changes in its UI (twice within the 2.* era), additional features and one-click updating and installation of themes and plugins.

Now, skip to today, and Automattic, the guys who run WordPress, have released the beta of WordPress 3.0.

While we see custom post types (which will be useful for us, especially when we want to do reviews and have to integrate them within the post template), a new custom menu system and a new default theme dubbed “Twenty Ten”, the biggest news is the completion of the code merge between WordPress and WordPress MU – a fork that allowed users to run multiple blogs while sharing the same database.

Developers, don’t get excited just yet, you won’t be suddenly adding a bunch of new blogs from your Dashboard right away. You will have to follow some simple directions before getting to the same things as WordPress MU. Hopefully, a theme editor will still be there from WordPress as MU doesn’t allow you that luxury.

If you are brave to test this, which WordPress’ Jane Wells has said that there are a couple of things that they are “still finishing”, you can download it now.