[Update] Is the iPad coming to Australia on April 24?

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With theĀ  iPad being officially released on April 3 in the United States, international availability of the iPad have been on the top of other Apple fanboys’ (and fangirls – can’t forget the fangirls) lists since it was announced to be released “late April”. However, will that be on April 24? In Canada, according to iPad in Canada, the Apple stores in that country have marked that day as a “black out period” – meaning that no employees are allowed to book that day off. So will this mean that Australia could get it sometime around April 24? Most likely, as Canada was listed amongst Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and France that will release it on the “late April” date.

As well, the site has also guessed that the pre-order date would be April 2. How the hell did they found that out? Well, the iPad was given three weeks (and a day) before the launch to collect pre-orders, so most likely they would do the same.

So, is this total bullsh*t or is this plausible? Have your say.

Update: Apple has recently announced iPad will be arriving late May and pre-orders start on 10 May.

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