Symantec appoints cybersecurity advisor

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Symantec has announced that it will appoint Adam Palmer to become the Lead Cybersecurity Advisor for its Norton department, where he will be the public face of preventing cybercrime via education, empowerment and by reinforcing online rights with the assistance of law enforcement and other key organisations.

“Adam Palmer is a proven leader in the fight against cybercriminals and a powerful addition to our team,” Janice Chafflin, the President of Symantec’s Consumer Business Unit, said in a statement. “Adam will work directly with our product teams, law enforcement and others in the industry to arm consumers with the truth about cybercrime and help make the Internet a safer place.”

Palmer was a former cybercrime prosecutor and the legal director for the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and joins after finishing his time from the .org Top Level Domain Registry where he introduced a cybersecurity program.