Symantec calls Chinese city world’s hacker hub

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China isn’t getting any good news within the technology sector, especially when Google just pulled from the country and moved it to Hong Kong. Now, Symantec has identified a city in China to be the world’s capital of cyber-espionage, after identifying and tracing 12 billion e-mails that were “target attacks” coming from China – a higher number than what Symantec initially thought.

Researchers found that 21.3% percent that were traced back to China came from the city of Shaoxing, along with identifying that they were, according to the Times, “experts in Asian defence policy and human rights activists, strongly suggesting state involvement”. In all, China counted for 28.2 percent of all global attacks, followed by Romania with 21.1 percent and the United States with 13.8 percent.

Also found in the report that, despite not being common like .XLS (Excel spreadsheets) and .DOC filetypes, encrypted .RAR files were the most dangerous. While only contributing only 0.32 percent of all malicious files in March, it is compromised about 97 percent of the time when it is an email attachment. .XLS, .DOC, .ZIP and .PDF files counted for 50 percent of all attached emails that contained a malicious threat.