LG launches LED HD 3D TV – and yes, you still need to wear those glasses

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LG has announced a brand new 3D television, the LX9500, which is built using LED technology – not like the LCD screens many other 3D screens are using. The television is also super thin – measuring 16mm thin – and is said to allow you to watch any movie from any direction because of its “Multi Picture Format”, unlike many others which are limited sitting directly at the screen. You still, however, need to wear those geeky and uncomfortable glasses. It also support 1080p and features the Skype TV function.

It also has a HDMI 1.4 port, a USB 2.0 port and is DLNA ready. Also present is a Wireless AV link and its NetCast Broadband TV service.

Consumers in Korea are going to get it first, then other markets will receive them in early May.