Atkinson to resign as Attorney General

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Despite not being unseated as the member of Croydon, Michael Atkinson has announced that he will leave the Rann Labor government and return to being a backbencher, marking an end of a controversial tenure when he took the post eight years ago, according to several news sources. Atkinson made the announcement just after finishing mass, and looks likely to not recontest his seat at the next election – in 2014.

Atkinson’s tenure was marred by controversy during the election (and before hand, according to SMH) after trying to require all internet comments to post their real names regarding the election; and his refusal for supporting a R18+ classification rating became one of the sticking points.

His resignation looks likely to pave the way for the R18+ classification rating in the next meeting between all Attorney-Generals, as all changes to classification law must need the consent of all Attorney-Generals, not a majority. However, it is not certain as many other Attorney-Generals, including the federal one, have not stated their position – and it is unknown who will take the role.

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