SA election to be life or death of R18+ proposal

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While Tasmania and South Australia go to the polls today, it will be life or death for many proponents for an R18+ classification rating in Australia as one political party hopes to ‘dethrone’ SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson after angering many gamers.

The candidate for Croydon, which is a very safe Labor seat, Kat Nicholson carries the hopes of possibly removing Atkinson after refusing to support a proposal of an adult-only R18+ rating for gamers “on his personal opinion”, according to Gamers4Croydon. The party also has a candidate for the Legislative Council, and four more candidates in the Adelaide, Norwood, Light and Mawson. It has also directed its preferences to the Liberals.

But why? Here’s a back story. Any changes to the Classification Laws must have the unanimous consent from the state Attorneys-General and the federal Attorney-General. Out of 9, only 3 made their opinions public. Victoria and ACT agree on having the rating, while Michael Atkinson disagrees. (or you can watch the video below).

There is currently a discussion paper released by the Federal Government talking about the issue, and it would be given to the Attorneys-General on the next SCAG (Standing Committee of Attorneys-General)

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