Atkinson still holds Croydon seat

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Michael Atkinson, the South Australian Attorney-General and known opponent for a R18+ classification scheme for video games, has been re-elected in his seat of Croydon, according to ABC predictions, managing to get about 64 percent of the vote (two-party preferred), despite a swing against him of 14.4 percent.

Gamers4Croydon’s Kat Nicholson, hoping to remove Atkinson from his seat, managed to get a reasonable 3.6 percent of the vote, ahead of the Family First and Australian Democrats, but behind another independent candidate.

Despite none of the candidates for the party managed to gain a seat, preferences to Liberal has made some impact in the election result. In two seats contested by the party, the incumbent Labor representative was not re-elected.

According to electoral results, Labor is expected to hold government, despite a swing of -7.4 percent and to lose 3 seats.