Need a new battery for the iPad? Get a new one instead

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Reading through its battery replacement service FAQs on any Apple device might be a good idea since it tells you how much will you have to give just to replace the damn internal battery. For the iPhone, it’s as simple as sending it to Cupertino just to replace it. The iPad, however, sees something a bit different – It won’t ship out a new battery, but will replace your iPad for a service fee.

“If your iPad requires service due to the battery’s diminished ability to hold an electrical charge, Apple will replace your iPad for a service fee,” it reads in the opening line.

You will still need to hand it over to Apple – most likely to dispose of it or resell it – and this will cost US$99, plus the US$6.95 shipping cost, meaning that if your iPad dies – you will be spending US$105.95 just for a replacement one.

[Thanks Engadget!]

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