Google might shut down China search engine

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A report in the Financial Times is reporting that Google is “99.9 per cent” sure in shutting its search operations in China after failing in convincing the Chinese Government in allowing it to show uncensored results.

The shutdown, however, might take a few months as Google wants it to go through a process and to make sure its employees are protected from retaliation from local authorities.

After publicly announcing that they were attacked by a Chinese national, Google has stated that it will end its censorship policy in China, implemented in order to gain some market share in China’s search engine market – where it is constantly beaten by rival Baidu. This public revelation lead to several American companies coming out with similar attacks within the past few months.

Other operations, like its research centre in the capital Beijing and a sales team for its Chinese-language version of (which is different to, are hinted to be staying in China – but these are also likely to go if a Chinese government backlash forces them to move out of the country altogether (or possibly, and this is not mentioned in the article, move to Hong Kong).