Finally… the Jetpack arrives – for a cost of $86,000

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So remember when people started saying that we would be seeing jetpacks sometime in this century – before everyone realised that it would be the same mundane world as before? Well, turns out, they do actually exist, but not in the way The Jetsons envisioned them to be.

Called the Martin Jetpack, you are basically putting two jet engines (albeit smaller than the jet engines) on your back. For aeroplane lovers: it features a 2.0L V4 2 stroke engine and has two 1.7ft wide rotors made from a composite of carbon and Kevlar. It is reported to fly up to 8000 feet and has a flight time of just 30 minutes while it only measures at 5 ft high, 5.5 ft wide and 5 ft long. There is a drawback – you must be between 140-240 lbs.

It isn’t available commercially yet, but after nine prototypes, it will cost around $86,000 (according to Gizmag) – and even that, you have to follow a training course on using the jetpack. However, there is a payment option just like a car – paying a 10 percent deposit and you have to pay off the payments for twelve months before the final payment is due on delivery.

Oh, did we also mention the company is from New Zealand? No? Well, now you know what they have been doing other than playing with sheep.

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