BBC to launch applications for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone

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The BBC has announced that it will be producing two new applications – one for its News division and another for its Sport website – for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms in a bid to rival other news organisations that offer similar applications.

According to Neowin, the News and Sports apps will be released in April and June respectively; and both applications will heavily use rich content, like video (e.g. live sports games) to the devices. The Sports application will also have a live stream to BBC Radio 5 Live, integration of its 606 Blog, live text commentary and live score updating.

The BBC News application will feature blogs and analysis, along with breaking news along the day. Both applications will also feature some way to submit user-generated content back to HQ. It is unknown if the BBC applications will be accessible outside the UK.

It was also hinted that a BBC iPlayer application is also being planned and will most likely feature another way to catch up on radio and television programmes, along with watching them live as the BBC has made all of its domestic channels up for streaming – for UK audiences only.

Via Neowin. Image from Rory Cellan-Jones (via Twitter).