CoroCoro leak details two new Pokemon for Generation V

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Yesterday, a leak of the new issue CoroCoro has revealed the identity to a previously silhouetted Pokemon and it’s pre-evolution.

Many speculated that it could be a Lucario or Mightyena evolution or even a whole new Legendary, but it has been revealed as an entirely new Pokemon.

From Left to Right: Zoroark, Zorua.

The first Pokemon to be revealed is Zoroark. According to the scan, he is a dark type Pokemon and is classified as a ‘Monster Wolf Pokemon’. It is 1.6m tall and weighs 81.1kg. An English name has not been announced yet.

With the surprise of the first Pokemon, many had no idea that it’s pre-evolution would have such a dramatic change, similar to the reveal of Riolu as Lucario’s pre-evolution. The second Pokemon is named Zorua. It is classified as a ‘Evil Wolf Pokemon’. It is 0.7m tall and weighs 12.5kg. Zorua is also a dark type Pokemon and does not have an English name yet.

Zoroark is also going to be the key Pokemon in the 13th movie currently translated as: Phantom Champion Zoroark (codenamed Phantom Champion Z)

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