Google launches its Twitter killer – Buzz

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Google has added a new feature in GMail that is said by many to be a¬†Facebook/Twitter killer – which I highly doubt. Called the Google Buzz, its a new way to start “conversations about things you find interesting,” and you will be able to post status updates, videos and photos (essentially, like Facebook).

Google is touting this to be like a converstation – something that sounds a bit weird – and all messages will be found in your inbox. You will also be able to integrate Twitter, Google Reader, Picasa and Flickr – and you will be able to make a small chatroom-esque group or make it public to the world.

Also interesting is that it will be available for phones, so you can share your thoughts on the go… despite Twitter making it so easy that you just need to send a simple SMS message.

If you are thinking of hopping on to your Gmail account and seeing this, you won’t – not everyone will be able to see it just yet (and its not a Labs feature). You would know if you have it when you see “Buzz” under the Inbox link. Google Apps user will not be able to access this feature as they are still working on it for businesses and schools.