Australian Govt attacked by Anonymous over Internet filter

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The Parliament of Australia’s website has been taken down as part of an international operation against the proposed mandatory filtering plan that Kevin Rudd and Senator Stephen Conroy wish to implement. As of the time of writing, the site remains down.

People connected to the group Anonymous, known for starting a war against the Church of Scientology, launched an attack against the Parliament’s website as part of “Operation: Titstorm” – a combination of fax spam, denial of service attacks and prank phone calls.

This comes after the Australian Classification Board gave a pornographic film a refused classification rating – effectively banning it from sale in Australia – because of the film featuring female masturbation, according to Hungry Beast.

“Your ban of pornography depicting small breasted women is not only discrimination against people based on physical characteristics, but also a first step down the slippery slope of internet censorship,” the group said in its video posted on YouTube.

“Your proposed implementation of mandatory ISP filtering is an outrage, and Anonymous cannot allow this to happen. If there is any forseeable threat to our organization, it is internet censorship. Therefore, we take your actions very seriously.”

“We shall proceed to do everything in our power to annihilate your governments presence on the internet,” it continues.

Opposition to the internet censorship plans by Rudd and Conroy have condemned the attacks as it damages their cause.

“By attempting to bring down or deface government websites, a minority of Internet users have brought negative attention to what is a very important issue for Australians,” Stop Internet Censorship co-founder Nicholas Perkins said in a statement.

“It would be much more helpful for these people to put their efforts behind legitimate action to stop this ineffective and inefficient attempt at censorship by the Australian government.”

6:50PM: The Parliament’s website is now accessible again.