Gamer makes Transformers All Sparks a reality – for his Xbox 360

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So, since we are heading towards a long weekend, why not post some gadget-craving blog posts, since we’ve been a bit slow on the gadgets news since CES (and trying to get back into the habit of blogging). We turn our attention to this All Spark from Transformers  – wait, what? Isn’t that supposed to be fictional? Turns out, it’s real but not what you expect it to be.

A gamer known as GivinTats has decided to make his own All Spark from the movie Transformers as a case mod for his Xbox 360. Plus, its fully functional. Granted, these are from 2007 – when the first movie came out – so don’t hold your breath if he still has this with him. Still, its a wickedly cool mod. More images below.

Source: Hawtymcbloggy