Intel Q4 profits up by 875 percent – yes, that’s correct

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Intel has announced that has made a net income of $2.3 billion during the fourth quarter of 2009, making that a 875 percent increase of its earnings last year, a dismal $234 million in Q4 2008, beating the Wall Street projections.

The largest chipmaker also announced that it has posted revenues of $10.6 billion during the quarter, up by 28 percent from last year and up 13 percent from last quarter.

It also posted an operating income of $2.5 billion; and while it was up 62 percent from last year, it was down quarter-to-quarter by 3 percent.

While its revenue continues to come mostly from the Asia-Pacific region, with 57 percent of the revenue; the Americas region made up 20 percent of the revenue, while Europe and Japan made 14 percent and 9 percent of the revenue respectively.

However, for the entire year, its revenue was down 7 percent to finish $35.1 billion, from $37.6 billion from 2008; and its net income was down 17 percent, to $4.4 billion. This could be because of a European Commission fine of $1.45 billion and a settlement with rival AMD of $1.25 billion; along with revenue was down in its groups, with the exception of the Intel Atom processor revenue as that increased 167 percent.

It predicts revenue to be $9.7 billion in the first quarter of 2010, which is above estimates from Wall Street; and with more and more companies releasing their numbers, hopefully we see the end of the economic downturn.

Image from: Josh Bancroft/Flickr

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