France Telecom confirms Apple tablet? [Updated]

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Turns out, the French aren’t that really good in keeping a secret after all. France Telecom executive Stéphane Richards has revealed that France Telecom, which runs the Orange network in the country and is one of the carriers in France to sell the iPhone, will sell the Apple tablet – confirming its existence, according to a video posted on

Richards also confirmed, after being asked by journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, that the Apple tablet will also include a webcam and has also confirmed that the Apple tablet could be released in “a couple of days”.

This story has been updated. Update is below.

The transcript of the following conversation:

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: Selon l’hebdomadaire Le Point, dans quelques jours votre partenaire Apple va lancer une Tablette …

Stéphane Richard: Oui

Elkabbach: … dotée d’une Webcam.

Richard: Oui

Elkabbach: Est ce que les usagers d’Orange en bénéficieront aussi

Richard:  Bien sûr!

Obviously, I’m not French nor learn the language, so this is the following translation provided by Google Translate, albeit a bit of editing on my part using a few other sources.

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: According to the weekly Le Point, in a couple of days your partner Apple will launch a tablet …

Stéphane Richard: Yes

Elkabbach: … with a webcam.

Richard: Yes

Elkabbach: Will Orange users also benefit?

Richard:  Of course!

Update: In a statement to PaidContent:UK, Orange has said that the comment was taken out of context. “These responses in no way reflect Orange’s confirmation of the existence of the rumoured device. The spokesperson was merely confirming that he is aware of the speculation surrounding a launch and that Orange would be delighted to have such a product were it ever to be available,” the telco said.