Go Card error leaves two people sacked as investigation starts

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Two call centre operators have been given the sack as an investigation gets under way on why a commuter’s Go card, Queensland government’s paperless ticketing system for its public transport network, was stripped of funds and the money transferred to another account belonging to a different commute. The commuter that was affected was Nick Smith, who works as a cameraman for Channel Nine.

This incident has now raised questions on how secure the system is, which contains information of linked bank accounts and credit card details.

While acting Queensland Premier Paul Lucas has said that security protocols were not followed, he tried to ease concerns.

“People have raised a number of concerns about how the Go Card was rolled out in the last week or so and I’ve got to say we have to do better with that and Translink has got to make sure that it is doing everything in its power to make sure that people get appropriate and proper levels of service,” he told the ABC.

The Go Card, like the myki card system implemented in Victoria, has been marred in controversy, including forcing commuters to pay higher fares because of the lack of availability – upping the fares by 40 percent for those who don’t have a Go card, and 20 percent for those who have. As well, there were a lack of places to actually get the card, with only 34 of the 144 train stations around Queensland sell the Go card.

For me, however, it does raise questions on the security of the myki system.