LG goes LED with new monitors

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CES 2010 BlockMove over LCD, LED is starting to pick up. LG has announced that it will release the E50 Monitor series, which will become LG’s flagship monitor series for LEDs. Coming in 20-inch, 21.5-inch and 23-inch sizes, it features a new technology called “Dual Screen” that automatically divide the screen to view two programs at once – though you could do the same thing by the “Show Windows Stacked” function.

The 23-inch class will be the only monitor in the line to provide 1080p resolution; but all three have a power saving of over 40 percent and a “Mega” contrast ratio. The monitors are also 0.69-inches thick (not surprising, LED monitors are slimmer than LCD).

There will also be an E40 monitor series, which will only come in a 23-inch size. This series will incorporate “the same core functionalities” of the E50, but what features that both monitors will share remain unknown.

No word on availability and pricing.

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