Spring Design launches nook competitor – the Alex

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CES 2010 BlockMore eBook readers are being released here at CES, with Spring Design revealing the Alex – claiming that it is the only dual screen Google Android-based eBook reader to integrate web browsing and reading. The device features two screens – one 3.5-inch LCD screen and a 6-inch EPD screen. I should note that the Barnes & Noble nook also features two screens and uses the Android platform, but is restricted to only books. The colour screen allows it to act as a virtual keyboard and access to the growing number of applications from the Android Marketplace.

It will connect using Wi-Fi, 3G, EVDO/CDMA and GSM networks; while it can read books using the Adobe ePub and PDF formats or simple HTML and text documents. It also has a removable microSD card slot.

It will be sold on the website from February 22, 2010 with a price tag of US$399.