Tablet Rumours: Apple snubs Intel, may have huge learning curve

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RUMOUR MILL: With the coverage of CES, we don’t want to forget about the Apple rumours. The Rumour Mill is abuzz with news that Intel has been snubbed by Apple as it has decided to use its own chips to power its own tablet. That’s coming from an analyst from Northeast Securities, via, based on conversations with partners that were manufacturing the tablet. The chip has been designed by P A Semi, which Apple bought two years ago; and is said to be a “significant defeat” to Intel since it had a lock on the netbook market with the Atom line of processors and, according to, “would win the Tablet contract at all costs.”

Meanwhile, we head to the Cult of Mac with another rumour of Apple Tablet UI could be different enough to the Mac OS X and iPhone UI to require a steep learning curve, according to one Apple employee. Though what would cause the learning curve has not been revealed, it could be the actual interface. Changes, like addition or alterations, in the interface typically associated with the device has a mixed effect – multitouch on phones caught on, but voice recognition has not. We’ll have to wait and see, and hopefully get a review unit.