Logitech brings out Lapdesk with stereo speakers

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CES 2010 BlockSince more and more people are opting to get laptops then desktops – many opting to use them for home entertainment (like watching Hulu or ABC iView) – many lack the sound system to play the audio because, frankly, their speakers are sound tinny and crap. Logitech, however, has created the Lapdesk N700 – the first accessory for your laptop that contain stereo speakers, along with a wide padded base so you can put it on your lap without burning your thighs – and it also has a fan to keep it cool.

It is very easy to set up and use. Just plug in the USB and you’re done – no power cables or the secondary 3.5mm headphone jack to plug in to the headphone port. Plus, no software needs to be installed, and no batteries to use – allowing you to carry this along with you on trips.

This will be out in the US in February, while Europe has to wait until March. This will cost US$79.99.

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