Lenovo joins smartbook craze with the Skylight

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CES 2010 BlockSpeaking of smartbooks, Lenovo has announced that it will bring out the Lenovo Skylight. This will feature a 10-inch display, a 20GB flash drive and will be powered by an ARM Snapdragon processor, and will feature Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity – powered by AT&T. It also claims that it will have 10 hours of battery life – which they say it is “enough … to watch two movies or more back to back on the next plane flight” – and we call that a bit bulls**t.

It will also feature a custom operating system – and it could be Linux-based, but they have not confirmed that. You can expect this to be on sale in April in the US for US$499, with AT&T offering it lower if you sign up with a two-year contract under their DataConnect plans.