Freescale announces a under $200 tablet computer – yes, you are reading that right

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CES 2010 BlockFreescale Semiconductors has brought out new designs of what they call a “smartbook” tablet computer¬† – featuring a 7-inch touch screen and using an ARM Cortex processor – and will showcase the actual product at CES, running on Linux and Android. The tablet also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, along with a 3G modem; a 3-megapixel camera; 512MB of DDR2 RAM and up to 64GB of internal storage with a micro SD card slot. There is also a removable QWERTY keyboard that allows you to type documents on the go.

However, that’s not the big news. That’s reserved to the proposed price of under US$200, with products using that design out to shelves as soon as the summer of 2010 (though reference designs for evaluation will be available in February). You are reading that price correctly. Even analyst predictions say that the Apple rumoured tablet to be around US$800. Gallery is below.

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