Motorola to launch two new Android phones?

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CES 2010 RUMOUR MILL: Got to love the rumours before CES 2010. Motorola may be planning to bring out two new phones during the conference, according to one analyst from Global Equities Research. Both phones are said to be running Android, with one having an OLED screen and a physical keyboard, and that will be heading over to AT&T. The other phone will also have an OLED screen, but have a soft keyboard and will go to Verizon – following on the success of its Droid phone.

The announcement is scheduled at 5:30PM on January 6, just ahead of the Microsoft keynote that opens the show. It is also a day after Google’s announcement – widely expected to be the launch of the Nexus One phone, which will also run on Android.

Source: Barrons

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