VEVO is accessible in Australia – just don’t get your hopes up yet

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Guess what! Australia can now officially access! That would be great news, but there is a downside. While you can access the pages, you will not be able to play any of the content – mainly because of rights restrictions (meaning those living in Canada, US or Japan are allowed to view the videos).

However, there is a way to watch videos from VEVO – and that’s on YouTube; and it’s pretty simple. Just go to the end of the forward slash after, write the artist’s first and last name (no space between) and add VEVO at the end of the name. It’s pretty much a hit or miss, because not all artists have a profile like this. You can still play the video from VEVO on the YouTube player, but it has to be an artist signed by Universal Music Group as others will be blocked.

I should also note, on my experience, it does stop to buffer a lot; and that you will not know how much has been already downloaded (that little red thing that progressively gets to the end of the seek bar).